AJ Royal

Set of two brown AJ Royal pendant light by Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen, Denmark, 1960’s

€ 850,- for the set

Fog En Morup Pendant

Set of 2 Fog & Morup style “hat”pendant lights, Denmark, 1960’s

€ 325,- each

Mazegga Carlo Nason

Heavy Murano Chandelier by Carlo Nason for AV Mazzega, Italy 1970’s

on request

Philips Louis Kalff

Louis Kalff for Philips pendant light in metal and glass, The Netherlands 1950’s

€ 325,-

Hans Agne Jakobssen Lamp

Hans Agne Jakobssen for AB Ellysett wooden pendant light, Sweden, 1960’s

€ 275,-

Philips Raak Pendant

Set of two Philips pendant egg-shaped lights, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 250,- for the set

Holmegaard Green Glas Murano

Holmegaard style green glass tube pendant light, Denmark, 1960’s

€ 325,-

Witte Hanglamp

Mid-century white metal pendant light, 1960’s

€ 245,-

Bruine Hanglamp

Mid-century brown metal pendant light, 1960’s

€ 185,-

Raak Globe Pendant Lamp Glass Brass

Mid-century glass and brass globe pendant light by Raak, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 365,-

A J Royal Arne Jacobsen Louis Poulsen Pendant Lamp

Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen A.J. Royal pendent lamp, Denmark, 1960’s

€ 425,-

Vintage Glazen Bollen Lamp Raak

Glass globes pendant light attrb. to Raak Amsterdam, The Netheralnds, 1970’s


Doria Lamp Light Glass Murano Mid Century

Mid-century large glass pendant light 1970’s

€ 1250,-

Doria Golf Mid Century Pendant Glass Light

Murano Glass Chandelier by Carlo Nason for AV Mazzega, Italy 1970’s

On Request

Mazegga Murano Lamp.jpg

Large glass chandelier Mazzega Murano, Italy 1960’s

€ 750,-

Mazegga Small Pendant Light (1)

Mid-century glass chandelier Mazzega, Italy, 1970’s

€ 525,-

Fog And Morup Light Png

Fog & Morup style pendant light with 3 metal tubes

€ 175,-

Werner Schou 3x

Werner Schou copper pendant lamp with three drops

€ 325,-

Philips Lamp

Philips Black metal pendant light 1960’s

€ 125,-

Lamp Glas Space Age

Vintage glass and metal pendant light

€ 145,-


Harvey Guzzini adjustable space age pendant light for Meblo Guzzini Slovenia 1970’s

€ 325,-

Gouden Lamp

Vintage brass pendant light

€ 125,-

Dijkstra Druppel

Dijkstra glass ceiling light “Drop”

€ 145,-

Willy Daro Lights

Set of brass ceiling and wall lights by Willy Daro Belgium 1970’s

€ 1000,- set

Sciolari Chandelier Light Lamp Pendant Italy

Brass Chandelier or Pendant Light by Angelo Gaetano Sciolari, Italy 1970s

€ 1295,-

Carl Thore

Pendant Light by Carl Thore for Granhaga Lights, Sweden 60s

€ 325,-

Lamp Mozaiek

Vintage Pendant Lamp with Mosaic Shapes

€ 125,-

Raak Wandlamp Paars

Geometric Ceiling Light by Raak Amsterdam, Dutch Design 70s

€ 225,-

Aluminium Hanglamp

Aluminum Star Shaped pendant light, 1960s

€ 265,-

Raak Bollamp

Brown plexi globe pendant light Raak style

€ 95,-

Philips Style Hanglamp

Dutch Louis Kalff for Philips Style Mid-century Pendant Lamp

€ 225,-

Fog&Morup Hanglamp

Metal Fog & Morup style ceiling lamp

€ 95,-

Mg 4260

Lisa Johansson-Pape Glass and Metal Pendant Light for Orno, Finland 1950’s

€ 750,-

Murano Lamp1

Orange Glass Pendant Light by Venini Murano attributed to Alessandro Pianon

€ 750,-

Fog and Morup ceilling lamp

€ 145,-

Cipolla Pendant Lamp by Massimo Vignelli for Venini Murano, 1950s

€ 1250,-

Werner Schou pendant lamp

€ 185,-

Philips glass and metal pendant lamp

€ 325,-

Purple metal pendant lamp by Ole Panton for Lyfa

€ 345.-

Two Anvia metal pendant lamps

€ 225,- each

Frank Ligtelijn for Raak brown glass pendant lamp

€ 225,-

Glass pendant lamp

€ 145,-

Philips plastic pendant lamp

€ 125,-

Italian style glass pendant lamp

SALE now € 145,-

Danish glass and wood pendant lamp

€ 175,-

Raak style glass globe

€ 95,-

Vintage lamp glass and metal

€ 75,- each

Retro ceiling lamp in red and yellow

€ 125,-

White spots

€15,- each

New in wrapping yellow spots

€ 35,- each

Retro chandelier

€ 85,-

A lot of silver retro spots

Large € 50,- each Small € 35,- each

Staff Leuchten lamps New in box

€ 245,- each

Raak pendant light milk glass

€ 85,-

Glass and Metal ceiling lamp

SALE now € 125,-

Hala metal globe ceiling lamp

€ 65,-

Two aluminum ceiling lamps

€ 35, each

Brown piramide ceiling lamp

€ 65,-

Raak space age seventies lamp

€ 125,-

Retro ceiling lamp

€ 55,-

Semi Fog & Morup style ceiling lamp

SALE now € 55,-

Industrial enamel white ceiling lamp

SALE now € 75,-

Metal white ceiling lamp

SALE now € 55,-

Fog & Morup ceiling lamps

€ 125,- each

Dijkstra style ceiling lamp

SALE now € 65,-

Raak ceiling lamp Verner Panton style

€ 95,-

Dijkstra ceiling lamp

On hold

Mategot style ceiling lamp white

SALE now € 35,-

Blue plexi ceiling lamp

SALE now € 45,- each

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