A J Royal Arne Jacobsen Louis Poulsen Pendant Lamp

Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen A.J. Royal pendent lamp, Denmark, 1960’s

€ 425,-

Vintage Glazen Bollen Lamp Raak

Glass globes pendant light attrb. to Raak Amsterdam, The Netheralnds, 1970’s


Doria Lamp Light Glass Murano Mid Century

Mid-century large glass pendant light 1970’s

on request

Doria Golf Mid Century Pendant Glass Light

Mid-century glass pendant light in the style of Murano / Doria 1970’s

on request

Mazegga Murano Lamp.jpg

Large glass chandelier Mazzega Murano, Italy 1960’s

on request

Mazegga Small Pendant Light (1)

Mid-century glass chandelier Mazzega, Italy, 1970’s

on request

Lamp Geel Glas

Large yellow blown glass pendant light, Vistosi style

€ 165,-

Fog And Morup Light Png

Fog & Morup pendant light with 3 metal tubes

€ 175,-

Werner Schou 3x

Werner Schou copper pendant lamp with three drops

€ 325,-

Philips Lamp

Philips Black metal pendant light 1960’s

€ 125,-

Lamp Bruin Emaille

Brown metal pendant light

€ 165,-

Lamp Glas Space Age

Vintage glass and metal pendant light

€ 145,-

Lamp Goud Bol

Space age brass globe pendant light

€ 125,-


Harvey Guzzini adjustable space age pendant light for Meblo Guzzini Slovenia 1970’s

On hold

Gouden Lamp

Vintage brass pendant light

€ 125,-

Dijkstra Druppel

Dijkstra glass ceiling light “Drop”

€ 145,-

Plafondlamp Goud

Vintage pendant light

€ 125,-

Willy Daro Lights

Set of brass ceiling and wall lights by Willy Daro Belgium 1970’s

€ 1500,- set


“Model 232” Wall or Ceiling Lamp by Bruno Gatta for Stilnovo, Italy 1962

€ 950,-

Sciolari Chandelier Light Lamp Pendant Italy

Brass Chandelier or Pendant Light by Angelo Gaetano Sciolari, Italy 1970s

€ 1295,-

Carl Thore

Pendant Light by Carl Thore for Granhaga Lights, Sweden 60s

€ 325,-

Lamp Mozaiek

Vintage Pendant Lamp with Mosaic Shapes

€ 125,-

Raak Wandlamp Paars

Geometric Ceiling Light by Raak Amsterdam, Dutch Design 70s

€ 225,-

Aluminium Hanglamp

Aluminum Star Shaped pendant light, 1960s

€ 265,-

Raak Bollamp

Brown plexi globe pendant light Raak style

€ 95,-

Philips Style Hanglamp

Dutch Louis Kalff for Philips Style Mid-century Pendant Lamp

€ 225,-

Fog&Morup Hanglamp

Metal Fog & Morup style ceiling lamp

€ 95,-

Img 4881 1

Glass Pendant Light by Temde Leuchten, Germany 1960s

On Request

Mg 4260

Lisa Johansson-Pape Glass and Metal Pendant Light for Orno, Finland 1950’s

On Request

Murano Lamp1

Orange Glass Pendant Light by Venini Murano attributed to Alessandro Pianon

€ 750,-

Fog and Morup ceilling lamp

€ 145,-

Cipolla Pendant Lamp by Massimo Vignelli for Venini Murano, 1950s

€ 1250,-

Glass “Satellite” Pendant Light by Vilhelm Wohlert for Louis Poulsen

€ 325,- each

Werner Schou pendant lamp

€ 185,-

Philips glass and metal pendant lamp

€ 325,-

Purple metal pendant lamp by Ole Panton for Lyfa

€ 345.-

Two Anvia metal pendant lamps

€ 225,- each

Frank Ligtelijn for Raak brown glass pendant lamp

€ 225,-

Glass pendant lamp

€ 145,-

Lyskaer pendant lamp by Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup

€ 175,-

Philips plastic pendant lamp

€ 125,-

Italian style glass pendant lamp

SALE now € 145,-

Danish glass and wood pendant lamp

€ 175,-

Raak style glass globe

€ 95,-

Vintage lamp glass and metal

€ 75,- each

Retro ceiling lamp in red and yellow

€ 125,-

White spots

€15,- each

New in wrapping yellow spots

€ 35,- each

Brown philips spots

€ 25,- each

Retro chandelier

€ 85,-

A lot of silver retro spots

Large € 50,- each Small € 35,- each

Staff Leuchten lamps New in box

€ 245,- each

Raak pendant light milk glass

€ 85,-

Glass and Metal ceiling lamp

SALE now € 125,-

Hala metal globe ceiling lamp

€ 65,-

Two aluminum ceiling lamps

€ 35, each

Brown piramide ceiling lamp

€ 65,-

Raak space age seventies lamp

€ 125,-

Retro ceiling lamp

€ 55,-

Semi Fog & Morup style ceiling lamp

SALE now € 55,-

Industrial enamel white ceiling lamp

SALE now € 75,-

Metal white ceiling lamp

SALE now € 55,-

Fog & Morup ceiling lamps

€ 125,- each

Dijkstra style ceiling lamp

SALE now € 65,-

Raak ceiling lamp Verner Panton style

€ 95,-

Dijkstra ceiling lamp

SALE now € 95,-

Mategot style ceiling lamp white

SALE now € 35,-

Blue plexi ceiling lamp

SALE now € 45,- each

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