Vintage Book Case Teak Metal Png

Mid-century teak and metal book case

SALE now €650,-

Wandmeubel Wenge

Mid-century wenge wall unit

€ 750,-

Martin Visser Dining Set

Martin Visser for ’t Spectrum te52 table and 6x se07 chairs 1961

Sale now €650,- for the set

Tjerk Reijenga Pilastro Bookcase

Room Divider or Bookcase by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro, Dutch Design 1960

SALE now €450,-

Italian style glass pendant lamp

SALE now € 145,-

G Plan Ladenkast

G-plan style chest of drawers / commode

SALE now € 325,-

Sofa Rosewood

Rosewood sofa with black vinyl upholstery

SALE now €950,-

Teak Dressoir

Teak credenza

SALE now €1100,-

Pastoe style side table

SALE now € 150,-

Vintage sofa Rob Parry style

SALE now: 425,-

Salontafel Kho Liang Ie

Artifort Kho Liang Ie coffee table

SALE now € 225,-

Gio Ponti style dining chairs

SALE now € 75,- each

Swedese Chair

Yngve Ekstrom for Swedese lounge chair “lamello”

On hold

Rudolf Verelst Metal wire chairs for Novalux

On hold

Martin Visser style dining chairs

SALE now € 95,- each

Vintage Fauteuil

Vintage lounge chairs

€ 425,-

Messing Tafel

Vintage brass and glass coffee table

SALE now € 150,-

Safari Chair

Percival style brown leather lounge chair

SALE now € 350,-

Artifort style coffee table

SALE now € 145,-


Vintage credenza

On hold

Ahrend Facet coffee table

SALE now € 195,-

Rattan and metal baskets

SALE now € 75,- each

Erik Magnussen design chairs

SALE now € 45,- each


Leolux Gerard Vollenbrock lounge chairs

SALE now € 200,- each

Pastoe swivel chair

SALE now € 35,-

Rattan folding screen

On hold

Ladenkast Wit

Chest of drawers rosewood

SALE now € 75,-

Retro dining chairs

SALE now € 75,- each

Artifort style coffee table

SALE now € 50,-

Gemeente Stoel

J.J.M. Vegter & T.T. Deurvorst lounge chair

SALE now € 300,- each

Bruine Fauteuil

Tobia Scarpa style lounge chair

SALE now € 175,-

Bureau Teak

Danish mid-century teak desk

SALE now €600,-

Glass and Metal ceiling lamp

SALE now € 125,-

Semi Fog & Morup style ceiling lamp

SALE now € 55,-

Industrial enamel white ceiling lamp

SALE now € 75,-

Metal white ceiling lamp

SALE now € 55,-

Retro dining tables

€ 175,- each SALE 20% off

Dijkstra style ceiling lamp

SALE now € 65,-

Pastoe Fauteuil

Pastoe loungechair

SALE now € 65,-

Dijkstra ceiling lamp

SALE now € 95,-

David Rowland stacking chairs

SALE now: € 75,- each

Geoffrey Harcourt blue swivel office chair

SALE now: € 125,-

Mategot style ceiling lamp white

SALE now € 35,-

Blue plexi ceiling lamp

SALE now € 45,- each

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