20180814 112418

Grete Jalk for France and Sons lounge chair model 118 , Denmark 1960’s

€ 475,-

20180809 143555

Dirk van Sliedregt for Rohe Noordwolde rattan and metal bar stools, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 725,-

20180809 145818

Vintage teak dining chair with black vinyl upholstery, The Netherlands, 1950’s

€ 125,-

20180809 145618

Set of 2 Mid-century dinner chairs, the Netherlands, 1950’s

€ 190,- for the set

20180814 113138

Set of two hairpin velvet stools

€185,- for the set

Egon Eiermann

Set of 3 folding chairs by Egon Eiermann for Wilde Spieth model SE18, Germany 1952

on request

Niko Kralj Rex Chairs

Set of 3 Niko Kralj “Rex”folding chairs in beech, Slovenia 1970’s

€ 200,- each

Topform Chairs

Set of 2 Topform dining chairs in black faux leather, The Netherlands 1950’s

€ 125,- each

Grete Jalk Sofa

Teak sofa by Grete Jalk for France and Son, model 118, Denmark, 1950’s

€ 2450,-

Lubke Chairs

Set of 6 rosewood dining chairs by Lübke, Germany 1960’s

€ 1350,- for the set

Spindle Back Chairs

Set of 7 different spindle back chairs

€ 125,- each

Rohe Noordwolde Rattan Bar Stools

Set of 3 bar stools by Rohe Noordwolde

€ 145,- each

Rattan Stool Rohe Noordwolde

Rattan and metal stool by Rohe Noordwolde

€ 125,-

Vintage Chairs

Set of two vintage teak and faux-leather dining chairs, The Netherlands, 1960’s

€ 95,- each


Vintage spindle back chairs Tapiovaara style

€ 580,- for the set

Sectional Sofa De Sede DS15

Large 8 Elements Modular Black Leather De Sede “DS15”, Switzerland 1970’s

on request

De Sede

De Sede DS31 brown leather 3 -seater, Switserland, 1960’s

€ 1950,-

Alky Giancarlo Pirettie

Set of 6 Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli black “Alky” lounge chairs, Italy 1970’s

€ 1500,- ( set)

Gerard Van Den Berg Twoseater

Gerard van den Berg for Montis attrb. leather 2-seater sofa, The Netherlands 1970’s

€ 750,-

MArtin Visser Wenge Fauteuil

Martin Visser for ’t Spectrum wenge lounge chair model sz74, The Netherlands, 1969

€ 625,-

Dirk Van Sliedregt

Dirk van Sliedregt rattan lounge chair on metal foot, The Netherlands, 1960’s

€ 275,-

Elementen Bank Donkerbruin Leer

Dark Brown Leather “De Sede DS76 Style” Elements Sofa, 1970’s

€ 1500,-

Lauser Elementen Bank

Cognac Leather “De Sede Style” Patchwork Element Sofa attrb. Laauser, Germany 1970’s

€ 2400,-

Martin Visser Wenge Leather Lounge Chair Black 't Spectrum

Black leather and wenge lounge chair by Martin Visser for ’t Spectrum model sz73, The Netherlands, 1960’s

€ 625,-

Petrol Vintage Sofa Velvet

Vintage velvet petrol sofa, Italy, 1960’s

on request

COR Element Sofa Vintage Retro Green

Vintage seventies green velvet modulair sofa, in the style of COR

€ 1400,-

KS Stoelen Chairs

Set of 8 Kai Kristiansen for Korup Stolefabrik dining chairs, Denmark, 1960’s

€1.320,- for the set

Moller Chairs

8x Nils Otto Moller for Moller models model No75 in oak, Denmark 1960’s

On hold

Rob Parry Lotus Leather Lounge Chair Gelderland

Rob Parry for Gelderland black leather lounge chair, The Nerherlands 1960’s

€ 850,-

Vintage Sofa Bank Mid Century Danish Deens Png

Vintage teak sofa, The Netherlands; 1950’s

€ 1250,-

Johannes Andersen For Andersens Møbelfabrik Model BA 113 Dining Chairs Side Png

Brdr. Johannes Andersen for Andersens Møbelfabrik Model BA 113 Dining Chairs, Denmark 1969

€ 1400,- for the set

DSC 0079

3 x Vintage spindle back chairs by Pastoe and Tapiovaara

€125,- each

Rob Parry Fauteuil Lotus Gelderland Png

Rob Parry “Lotus” lounge chair for Gelderland in teak , Netherlands 1960’s

€ 625,-

Vintage Leather Ottoman

Large round brown leather ottoman, 1970’s


Pierre Guariche Meurop Coquillage Chair

Coquillage dinner chair by Pierre Guariche for Meurop, France 1950’s

On hold

Resized Kho Liang Ie Sofa

Kho Liang ie for Artifort C684 sofa, The Netherlands, 1968


Resized Rieten Stoelen

Gregorio Vicente Cortes Rattan Lounge Chairs for Metz & Co, Dutch Design 1961

on request

Vintage Sofa

Vintage sofa topform style, Netherlands 1960’s

€ 975,-

Marko Arm Rests

Marko school chair with arm rests, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 195,-

Alvar Aalto Chairs

Alvar Aalto “model 69” style Dinner Chairs

€ 125,- each

Francesco Zaccone For Brunner “Golf” Dining Chairs

10 x Francesco Zaccone for Brunner “Golf” dining chairs

€ 175,- each

Webe Stoelen

Set of 6 Webe style dining chairs with faux leather, Netherlands 1960’s

€ 145,- each

Geoffrey Harcourt Artifort Model 988 Lounge Chair Leather 1975 Fauteuil Png

Rare Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort “Model 988” Leather Lounge Chair, Dutch Design 1975

On request

Vestervig Eriksen, Brdr. Tromborg, Lystrup Chairs Png

Dining Chairs by Vestervig Erikson for Brdr Tromborg Lystrup, Denmark 1960’s

€ 275,- each

Arne Hovmand Olsen Mogens Kold Dining Chairs Plywood Png

Arne Hovmand Olsen for Mogens Kold teak dining chairs, Denmark 1960’s

€ 245,- each

Kho Liang Ie Stabin Woerden Artifort Model 703png

Kho Liang Ie for Stabin lounge chairs model 703, Holland 1960’s

€ 750,- for the pair


Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen”Butterfly” dining chairs

€ 145,- each

Brabantia Home Steel Vintage Stoelen Retro Png

Brabantia velvet dining chairs, Holland, 1960’s

€ 265,- each

Vintage Leren Fauteuil Buisframe Png

Mid-century cognac leather and tubular chrome lounge chair with ottoman

On hold

Staccato IQ Multifoam

Staccato van IQ for Multifoam memphis style lounge chairs / sofa Netherlands 1980’s


Groovy Paulin

Pierre Paulin for Artifort “Groovy” lounge chair

€ 500,-

Artifort Geoffrey Harcourt Sofa

Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort modular sofa 1960’s The Netherlands

€ 850,-

Webe Dining Chair Van Teeffelen

Louis van Teeffelen for Webe dining chairs The Netherlands, 1964

€ 900,- set

Img 4867 Kopie%cc%88ren

Danish Teak Lounge Chair in Sheepskin, Denmark 1960’s

€ 750,-

Avanti Gijs Van Der Sluis Design Chairs Png

Avanti style lounge chairs Netherlands 1960’s

€ 425,- each

Arne Hovmand Olsen

Arne Hovmand Olsen dining chair with arm rest for Mogens Kold

€ 245,-

Cor Alons

Cor Alons for Gouda den Boer dining chairs

€ 175,- each

Rob Parry

Minimalistic sofa by Rob Parry for Gelderland Holland 1960’s

€ 2450,-

Kho Liang Ie Artifort

Kho liang Ie for Artifort sofa model 671 The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 1450,-

Theo Ruth

Theo Ruth for Artifort two-seater Netherlands 1940’s

€ 650,-

Alky Paulin

Pierre Paulin for Artifort Model 580 “Groovy” Lounge Chair, Dutch Design 1960s

€ 750,-

MArtin Visser Sleeper

BR 02.7 Sleeper Sofa with Arm Rests by Martin Visser for ’t Spectrum, Dutch Design 1958

€ 1250,-

Rock Lounge Ottoman

“The Rock” or “Florence” Lounge Chair with Ottoman by Gerard van den Berg for Montis, Dutch Design 1970s

On hold

Coen De Vries Pilastro Devo Sofa

Sofa or Daybed by Coen de Vries for Devo, Dutch Design 1952

€ 1450,-

Cee Braakman Pastoe Night Stands Japanese Serie Teak

Auping Cleopatra bed and Japanese Series “LU11” Headboard with “NU11” Nightstand by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, Dutch Design 1950s

€ 950,- (without the beds)

Krukjes Schaap Leer

Vintage stools in sheepskin and leather

€ 75 (small) €95,- (large)

Vintage Danish Dining Chairs1

Mid-century Danish design dining chairs in teak 1960

€ 175,- each

SB Precisie Meubelen Woerden Fauteuil0

Lounge Chair in faux Leather by Stabin Bennis Woerden “SB Precisie Meubelen”, Dutch Design 1960s

€ 375,-

IMG 6821

Topform Style Rosewood Dining Chairs, 1960s

€ 175,- each


Black Leather “Mission” Sofa by Harvink, Dutch Design

€ 950,-

Swedese Stoel

Yngve Ekstrom for Swedese lounge bentwood lounge chair

€ 195,-

Webe Dining Set

Louis van Teeffelen Wébé Dining Room Set for Wébé, Dutch Design 1950s

€ 950,- for the set

Knoll Art Collection

6 Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm Attr. Art Collection leather lounge chairs for Knoll, Germany

€ 625,- each

Martin Visser Dining Set

Martin Visser for ’t Spectrum te52 table and 6x se07 chairs 1961

Sale now €650,- for the set


Strassle style lounge chair

€ 265,-

Louis Van Teeffelen

Dining Chairs by Louis van Teeffelen for Wébé, Dutch Design 1950s

€ 900,- set

Topform Bank

Topform 3-seater in rosewood and faux-leather

€ 950,-

Sonja Wasseur Lounge Chair

Brutalist Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Sonja Wasseur, Dutch Design 1970s

€ 1250,- set

Webe Fauteuil

Lounge chair by Louis van Teeffelen for Wébé, Dutch Design 1950s

On hold

Leolux Fauteuil

Leather Lounge Chair by Leolux, Dutch Design 1970s

€ 425,-

Deense Stoelen

Topform Style Rosewood Dining Chairs, 1960s

€ 175,- each

Vintage Fauteuil Metaal

Martin Visser Style Lounge Chair, Dutch Design 1960s

€ 625,-

Yngve Ekstrom Sofa 1

Sofa “MA04” by Yngve Ekström for Pastoe, the Netherlands 1959

€ 1350,-

F585 Artifort

Mint Green F584 Lounge Chair by Geoffrey D. Harcourt for Artifort, Dutch Design 1967

€ 1250,-

Marko Chairs

Set of two Industrial Marko School Chairs, the Netherlands 1970s

€ 125,- a piece

Vintage Design Sofa1

Rob Parry style Metal Sofa, Dutch 1960s

€ 995,-

Gispen Rietveld 1401

1401 Lounge Chair by Wim Rietveld for Gispen, Dutch Design 1959

€ 525,-

Moller Style Chairs

Scandinavian Dining Chairs in the Style of Niels Otto Møller

On request

Piumotto Fauteuil Arrigo Arrigoni Busnelli

“Piumotto” Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Arrigo Arrigoni for Busnelli, Italy 1970

€ 650,-

Vintage Chair

Vintage chairs 2x

€ 85,- each

Artifort Harcourt

Swivel Lounge Chair by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort, Dutch Design

€ 250,-

Arne Wahl Iversen Sofa

Model 35 Sofa by Arne Wahl Iversen for Komfort, Denmark 1960s

On hold

Martin Visser

Martin Visser style dining chairs

€ 165,- each

IMG 5073 1

Kembo W.H. Gispen model 302 re-edition lounge chair

€ 425,-

Pastoe spindle back chairs in wood

€ 125,- each

Brabantia Kruk

Brabantia metal stool with black vinyl upholstery

€ 95,-

Martin Visser Lounge

Martin Visser Lounge Chairs 8x, Dutch Design 1960s

€ 325,- each

Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort “C248” sofa daybed Cleopatra



10x “Impala” Dining Chair by Cor Bontebal for Fristho, Dutch Design

€ 165,- each


4 xRosewood and black leather dining chairs by Kondor

€ 125,- each

Gispen 115

Wim Rietveld for Gispen dining chairs model 116

€ 195,- each

Fritz Hansen Desk Chair

Fritz Hansen swivel desk chair

€ 295,-

Walter Knoll

Walter Knoll PearsonLloyd Kite 560 sofa

€ 1250,-

Moller Stoelen

Niels otto Moller dining chairs model 71

€ 145,-

Vintage drafting stool / architect stool

€ 195,-


Fiberglass tulip chair with aluminum base

€ 295,-

Wim Rietveld for Gispen 116 chairs

€ 165,- each

Artifort Schudel

Artifort sz10 “M chairs” by Ebbing / Haas / Schudel from ’t Spectrum

on request

Carlo Ratti

Italian plywood chair attributed to Carlo Ratti

€ 225,-


Charles and Ray Eames LCM for Vitra

€ 650,- each

Sofa Rosewood

Rosewood sofa with black vinyl upholstery

SALE now €950,-

Pastoe spindle back chairs

€ 125,- each

Nesto style spindle back chairs

€ 125,- each

Friso Kramer for Ahrend Result dining chair

€ 225,-

Geoffrey Harcourt for artifort C609 sofa

€ 450,-

Fritz Hansen

Jorgen Rasmussen for Fritz Hanssen drawing stool

€ 295,-

Various spindle back chairs Tapiovaara , Pastoe

€ 125,- each

Vintage sofa Rob Parry style

SALE now: 425,-

Dekker Chair

2 x D. Dekker for Tomado wire chair

€ 285,- each

Lubke dining chair, Germany 1960’s

€ 165,-

Wim Rietveld for Gispen dining chair model 116

€ 225,-

Sofa Black

Gijs van der Sluis sofa

On hold

Brabantia dining chairs

€ 125,- each

Gio Ponti style dining chairs

SALE now € 75,- each

Bank Beige

Gijs van der Sluis style sofa / bench

€ 850,-

DSC 0313 2

Knoll Antimott vintage lounge chair, Germany 1960’s

€ 425,-

Rudolf Wolff for Elsrijk dining chair

€ 95,-

Swedese Chair

Yngve Ekstrom for Swedese lounge chair “lamello”

On hold

Yngve ekstrom for Swedese lounge chair

On hold

Rudolf Verelst Metal wire chairs for Novalux

On hold

’t Spectrum Martin Visser rattan dining chairs SE05

€ 145,- each

GvdS Chair

Gijs van der Sluis lounge chair

€ 375,-

Gijs van der Sluis 36DLA lounge chairs

€ 425,-

Gispen Rietveld

Rietveld 1401 lounge chair for Gispen

€ 525,-

Martin Visser style dining chairs

SALE now € 95,- each

Thereca dining chairs

€ 145,- each

Vintage Fauteuil

Vintage lounge chairs

€ 425,-


A. Cordemeyer for Gispen lounge chairs

€ 425,- each

Safari Chair

Percival style brown leather lounge chair

SALE now € 350,-

Artifort swivel office chair

€ 265,-

Deense Fauteuil

Bovenkamp style lounge chairs

€ 425,-

Leather ottoman De Sede style

€ 125,-

Tørbjorn Afdal rosewood and leather “minerva” sofa

On Request

Knoll dining chairs by Vico Magistretti

€ 45,-each

Erik Magnussen design chairs

SALE now € 45,- each


Industrial metal stools

€ 95,- each


Leolux Gerard Vollenbrock lounge chairs

SALE now € 200,- each

Henry W Klein style dining chairs

€ 145,- each

Pastoe swivel chair

SALE now € 35,-

Pastoe dining chairs

€ 125,- each

Castelli Giancarlo Piretti chairs

€ 125,- each

Artifort Theo Ruth sofa, Dutch Design

€ 650,-

Topform dining chairs

€ 95,- each

Retro dining chairs

SALE now € 75,- each

Gemeente Stoel

J.J.M. Vegter & T.T. Deurvorst lounge chair

SALE now € 300,- each

Bruine Fauteuil

Tobia Scarpa style lounge chair

SALE now € 175,-

Kusch en Co stacking chairs

€ 75,- each

Lubke design chairs

€ 160,- each

Drawing stool industrial

€ 175,-

Industrial Stool

Friso kramer style drafting stool

€ 145,-

Pastoe Fauteuil

Pastoe loungechair

SALE now € 65,-

David Rowland stacking chairs

SALE now: € 75,- each

Geoffrey Harcourt blue swivel office chair

SALE now: € 125,-

Flying Carpet by Simon Desanta for Rosenthal

€ 1750,-

Pastoe diningchairs

SALE Now € 25,-

165 items