Kho Liang Ie Styel Sofa

Mid-century sofa / lounge chairs in the style of Kho Liang Ie

€ 650,-

Geoffrey Harcourt Artifort Model 988 Lounge Chair Leather 1975 Fauteuil Png

Rare Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort “Model 988” Leather Lounge Chair, Dutch Design 1975

On request

Cordemeyer Gispen Lounge Chairs Model 1431 1961 Png

A. Cordemeyer for gispen lounge chairs model 1431, Holland 1961

€ 525,- each

Pierre Paulin Big Tulip Artifort Old Model Lounge Chair Png

Pierre Paulin for Artifort “Big Tulip” Holland 1965

on request

Vintage Fauteuil Png

Vintage scandinavian lounge chair

€ 525,-

Kho Liang Ie Stabin Woerden Artifort Model 703png

Kho Liang Ie for Stabin lounge chairs model 703, Holland 1960’s

€ 750,- for the pair

Vintage Leren Fauteuil Buisframe Png

Mid-century cognac leather and tubular chrome lounge chair with ottoman

€ 625,-

Staccato IQ Multifoam

Staccato van IQ for Multifoam memphis style lounge chairs / sofa Netherlands 1980’s


Groovy Paulin

Pierre Paulin for Artifort “Groovy” lounge chair

€ 500,-

Spectrum Dordrecht Fauteuils

Rare Pair of “Dordrecht” Lounge Chairs by W. van Gelderen for ’t Spectrum, Dutch Design 1951

On Request

Rohe Noordwolde

Rohe Noordwolde rattan dining chair The Netherlands 1950’s

€ 175,-

Img 4867 Kopie%cc%88ren

Danish Teak Lounge Chair in Sheepskin, Denmark 1960’s

On Request

Avanti Gijs Van Der Sluis Design Chairs Png

Avanti style lounge chairs Netherlands 1960’s

€ 425,- each

Bovenkamp Fauteuils

Aksel Bender Madsen for Bovenkamp his and hers lounge chairs “Edith & Karen”, Dutch Design 1950s

On hold

Groovy Paulin

Pierre Paulin for Artifort “Groovy” F598 chairs Dutch Design 1973

€ 750,- each

Alky Paulin

Pierre Paulin for Artifort Model 580 “Groovy” Lounge Chair, Dutch Design 1960s

€ 750,-

Rock Lounge Ottoman

“The Rock” or “Florence” Lounge Chair with Ottoman by Gerard van den Berg for Montis, Dutch Design 1970s

€ 1950,-

SB Precisie Meubelen Woerden Fauteuil0

Lounge Chair in faux Leather by Stabin Bennis Woerden “SB Precisie Meubelen”, Dutch Design 1960s

€ 375,-


Black Leather “King Chair” by Arnold Vandenbeuck for Strässle, Switzerland 1960s

€ 745,-

Swedese Stoel

Yngve Ekstrom for Swedese lounge bentwood lounge chair

€ 195,-

Knoll Art Collection

6 Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm Attr. Art Collection leather lounge chairs for Knoll, Germany

€ 625,- each


Strassle style lounge chair

€ 265,-

Sonja Wasseur Lounge Chair

Brutalist Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Sonja Wasseur, Dutch Design 1970s

€ 1250,- set

Webe Fauteuil

Lounge chair by Louis van Teeffelen for Wébé, Dutch Design 1950s

€ 525,-

Leolux Fauteuil

Leather Lounge Chair by Leolux, Dutch Design 1970s

On Request

Vintage Fauteuil Metaal

Martin Visser Style Lounge Chair, Dutch Design 1960s

€ 625,-

F585 Artifort

Mint Green F584 Lounge Chair by Geoffrey D. Harcourt for Artifort, Dutch Design 1967

€ 1250,-

Gemla Sonna Rosen Peacock

Sonna Rosén attributed “Peakcock” Lounge Chair by Gemla, Sweden 1950s

€ 625,-

Gispen Rietveld 1401

1401 Lounge Chair by Wim Rietveld for Gispen, Dutch Design 1959

€ 525,-

Piumotto Fauteuil Arrigo Arrigoni Busnelli

“Piumotto” Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Arrigo Arrigoni for Busnelli, Italy 1970

€ 650,-

Artifort Harcourt

Swivel Lounge Chair by Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort, Dutch Design

€ 250,-

Img 5024 1

Lounge Chair by De Ster, Dutch Design 1950s

€ 475,-

Torbjorn Afdal Lounge Chair 1

Torbjorn Afdal Leather “Hunter” Lounge Chair for Bruksbo

€ 625,-

IMG 5073 1

Kembo W.H. Gispen model 302 re-edition lounge chair

€ 425,-

Martin Visser Lounge

Martin Visser Lounge Chairs 8x, Dutch Design 1960s

€ 325,- each

Harcourt Artifort

Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort swivel lounge chair

SALE now € 185,-

Artifort Schudel

Artifort sz10 “M chairs” by Ebbing / Haas / Schudel from ’t Spectrum

on request


Charles and Ray Eames LCM for Vitra

€ 650,- each

Vintage Knoll antimott lounge chair from Germany

€ 425,-

Swedese Chair

Yngve Ekstrom for Swedese lounge chair “lamello”

SALE now: € 175,-

Yngve ekstrom for Swedese lounge chair

SALE now € 175,-

GvdS Chair

Gijs van der Sluis lounge chair

€ 375,-

Gijs van der Sluis 36DLA lounge chairs

€ 475,- each

Gispen Rietveld

Rietveld 1401 lounge chair for Gispen

€ 525,-

Vintage Fauteuil

Vintage lounge chairs

€ 525,-


A. Cordemeyer for Gispen lounge chairs

€ 425,- each

Safari Chair

Percival style brown leather lounge chair

SALE now € 350,-

Deense Fauteuil

Bovenkamp style lounge chairs

€ 425,-


Leolux Gerard Vollenbrock lounge chairs

SALE now € 200,- each

Pastoe swivel chair

SALE now € 35,-

Retro lounge chair

€ 325,-

Gemeente Stoel

J.J.M. Vegter & T.T. Deurvorst lounge chair

SALE now € 300,- each

Bruine Fauteuil

Tobia Scarpa style lounge chair

SALE now € 175,-

Pastoe Fauteuil

Pastoe loungechair

SALE now € 65,-

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