Vintage Sofa Bank Mid Century Danish Deens Png

Vintage teak sofa, The Netherlands; 1950’s

€ 1250,-

De Sede DS 47 Two Seater Sofa

De Sede DS47 two-seater sofa in dark brown buffalo leather, Switserland 1970’s


Resized Kho Liang Ie Sofa

Kho Liang ie for Artifort C684 sofa, The Netherlands, 1968


Vintage Sofa

Vintage sofa topform style, Netherlands 1960’s

€ 975,-

Theo Ruth

Theo Ruth for Artifort two-seater sofa, The Netherlands, 1950’s

€ 850,-

Kho Liang Ie Styel Sofa

Mid-century sofa / lounge chairs in the style of Kho Liang Ie

€ 650,-

Staccato IQ Multifoam

Staccato van IQ for Multifoam memphis style lounge chairs / sofa Netherlands 1980’s


Artifort Geoffrey Harcourt Sofa

Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort modular sofa 1960’s The Netherlands

€ 850,-

Rob Parry

Minimalistic sofa by Rob Parry for Gelderland Holland 1960’s

€ 2450,-

Kho Liang Ie Artifort

Kho liang Ie for Artifort sofa model 671 The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 1450,-

Theo Ruth

Theo Ruth for Artifort two-seater Netherlands 1940’s

€ 650,-

MArtin Visser Sleeper

BR 02.7 Sleeper Sofa with Arm Rests by Martin Visser for ’t Spectrum, Dutch Design 1958

€ 1250,-

Coen De Vries Pilastro Devo Sofa

Sofa or Daybed by Coen de Vries for Devo, Dutch Design 1952

€ 1450,-

Komfort Bank Blauw Fluweel

Komfort Style Vintage Teak Scandinavian Sofa, 1960s

On hold

Cee Braakman Pastoe Night Stands Japanese Serie Teak

Auping Cleopatra bed and Japanese Series “LU11” Headboard with “NU11” Nightstand by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, Dutch Design 1950s

€ 950,- (without the beds)


Black Leather “Mission” Sofa by Harvink, Dutch Design

€ 950,-

Topform Bank

Topform 3-seater in rosewood and faux-leather

€ 950,-

Danish Sofa Velvet

Sven Ellekaer for Komfort sofa “Borneo”, Denmark 60s

On hold

Yngve Ekstrom Sofa 1

Sofa “MA04” by Yngve Ekström for Pastoe, the Netherlands 1959

€ 1350,-

Vintage Design Sofa1

Rob Parry style Metal Sofa, Dutch 1960s

€ 995,-

Komfort Sofa 1

Teak Sofa attributed to Arne Wahl Iversen for Komfort, Denmark 1960s

On hold

De Ster Sofa1

Sofa by De Ster, Dutch Design 1950s

On hold

Arne Wahl Iversen Sofa

Model 35 Sofa by Arne Wahl Iversen for Komfort, Denmark 1960s

€ 1350,-

Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort “C248” sofa daybed Cleopatra


Walter Knoll

Walter Knoll PearsonLloyd Kite 560 sofa

€ 1250,-

Sofa Rosewood

Rosewood sofa with black vinyl upholstery

€ 1295,-

Geoffrey Harcourt for artifort C609 sofa

€ 450,-

Vintage sofa Rob Parry style

SALE now: 425,-

Sofa Black

Gijs van der Sluis sofa

€ 975,-

Bank Beige

Gijs van der Sluis style sofa / bench

€ 850,-

Deense Sofa Wit

Sonett sofa Alf Svensson for Dux beige upholstery

€ 675,-

Tørbjorn Afdal rosewood and leather “minerva” sofa

On Request

Artifort Theo Ruth sofa, Dutch Design

€ 650,-

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