20181214 150824

MM07 Japanese Series Sofa by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, Dutch Modern Design 1958

€ 2249,-

20190118 152551

Gijs van der Sluis model 36DLA sofa, The Netherlands, 1960’s

On hold

20190117 170852

Minimalist Sofa by Rob Parry for Gelderland, Dutch Modern Design 1960s

€ 2250,-

20190124 172326 2

Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort modular sofa 1960’s The Netherlands

SALE now € 650,-

20181218 120342

Oak and Leather 3-seater sofa by Leolux, The Netherlands 1970’s

On Request

20181218 115945

Oak and leather 2-seater sofa by Leolux, The Netherlands 1970’s

on request

20181213 165355

Dark Brown Neck Leather Modular “DS46” Sofa by De Sede, Switzerland 1970s

on request

20181126 142744

Mid-century modern green velvet daybed, The Netherlands 1950’s

€ 1750,-

20181126 141419

Pink velvet Theo Ruth for Artifort two-seater, The Netherlands 1940’s

€ 1450,-

20181120 152027 2

Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort C610 sofa, The Netherlands 1969

on request

20181022 145543 2

Mid-century Dutch design sofa / sleeper 1960’s

On hold

20181013 132438

Kho Liang Ie for Artifort model 680-686 sofa, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 2450,-

20181001 142256

Rob Parry sleeper sofa The Netherlands 1960’s

on request

Grete Jalk Sofa

Teak sofa by Grete Jalk for France and Son, model 118, Denmark, 1950’s

€ 2450,-

Sectional Sofa De Sede DS15

Large 8 Elements Modular Black Leather De Sede “DS15”, Switzerland 1970’s

On hold

De Sede

De Sede DS31 brown leather 3 -seater, Switserland, 1960’s

€ 1950,-

Gerard Van Den Berg Twoseater

Gerard van den Berg for Montis attrb. leather 2-seater sofa, The Netherlands 1970’s

€ 750,-

Elementen Bank Donkerbruin Leer

Dark Brown Leather “De Sede DS76 Style” Elements Sofa, 1970’s

€ 1500,-

Vintage Sofa Bank Mid Century Danish Deens Png

Vintage teak sofa, The Netherlands; 1950’s

€ 1250,-

Resized Kho Liang Ie Sofa

Kho Liang ie for Artifort C684 sofa, The Netherlands, 1968

On hold

Vintage Sofa

Vintage sofa topform style, Netherlands 1960’s

€ 975,-

Kho Liang Ie Artifort

Kho liang Ie for Artifort sofa model 671 The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 1450,-

MArtin Visser Sleeper

BR 02.7 Sleeper Sofa with Arm Rests by Martin Visser for ’t Spectrum, Dutch Design 1958

€ 1250,-

Coen De Vries Pilastro Devo Sofa

Sofa or Daybed by Coen de Vries for Devo, Dutch Design 1952

on request


Black Leather “Mission” Sofa by Harvink, Dutch Design

€ 950,-

Black Leather and Rosewood “Minerva” 4-Seat Sofa by Tørbjorn Afdal for Bruksbo 1950s


Vintage Design Sofa1

Rob Parry style Metal Sofa, Dutch 1960s

€ 995,-

Geoffrey Harcourt for Artifort “C248” sofa daybed Cleopatra


Walter Knoll

Walter Knoll PearsonLloyd Kite 560 sofa

€ 1250,-

Sofa Rosewood

Rosewood sofa with black vinyl upholstery

SALE now €950,-

Vintage sofa Rob Parry style

SALE now: 425,-

Bank Beige

Gijs van der Sluis style sofa / bench

€ 850,-

Artifort Theo Ruth sofa, Dutch Design

€ 650,-

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