Chest Of Drawers Vintage

Mid-century teak chest of drawers, the Netherlands 1960’s

€ 325,-

Louis Van Teeffelen Webe Wall Unit

Louis van Teeffelen for Webe wall unit, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 950,-

Teak Sideboard Credenza Dressoir Germany Fritz Schroder Png

Mid-century teak credenza, Fritz Schroder, Germany 1963

€ 1150,-

William Watting Scanflex Fristho

Scanflex wall unit by William Watting for Fristho, The Netherlands 1952

€ 1350,- for the set

Buffetkast Vintage

Mid-century teak cupboard, Goteborg, Denmark 1960’s

On hold

Tomado D. Dekker Rack

Free standing metal and teak book shelves by Tomado, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 245,-

Teak Credenza

Small mid-century teak credenza, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 325,-

Webe Wardobe

Mid-century wardrobe attrb to Wébé, the Netherlands 1950’s

€ 850,- for the set

Topform Wandmeubel

Rosewood wall- unit, Topform, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 1350,-

Pierre Guariche Meurop Wall Unit Wandmeubel Kast

Pierre Guariche for Meurop wall-unit, Belgium, 1960’s

on request

Danish Vintage Credenza Sideboard Lowboard Teak

Large Mid-century teak credenza / lowboard, Denmark 1960’s

€ 1450,-

Cadovius Shelves Berken

Rare Poul Cadovius for Royal System birch wall-unit / shelves, Denmark 1960’s

€ 950,-

Cadovius Wall System Royal Systems

Poul Cadovius for Royal System teak wall unit

€ 1350,-

Poul Cadovius

Attrb. Poul Cadovius for Royal System wall unit, Denmark 1960’s

€ 1250,-

Drentea Oranje Rekje

Drentea metal shelving / bookshelves, The Netherlands 1950’s

€ 95,-

Pastoe Cees Braakman Japanese Serie Bed Night Stands NB11 EB11 Berken

Cees Braakman for Pastoe Japanese series night stands in birch with auping bed

€ 1250,- set

Lutjens Style Boekenrek

Wooden wall unit / bookcase Wilhelm Lutjens voor De Boer Gouda style


A.R. Cordemeyer For Gispen Kast 5600

A.R. Cordemeyer for Gispen cabinet model 5600, The Netherlands, 1950’s

€ 450,-

Resized Gispen Kast

A.R. Cordemeyer for Gispen metal cabinet model 5600 in brown and beige


Resized Gispen Kasten

A. R. Cordemeyer for Gispen metal cabinets model 5600

€450,- each

DU01 Pastoe Cees Braakman Dressoir

Cees Braakman DU04 Japanese Series for Pastoe Credenza or Sideboard, The Netherlands 1950’s

€ 3750,-

Tomado Rekje

Vintage Tomado style wooden book shelves

€ 225,-

Vintage Book Case Teak Metal Png

Mid-century teak and metal book case

SALE now €650,-

String Ladenkast Png

Nisse String for Strinning pine wood chest of drawers, Sweden 1960’s

€ 375,-

Rosewood Chest Of Drawers Png

Rosewood chest of drawers, 1970’s

€ 325,-

Desk Cabinets

Rosewood and Chrome desk cabinets 1970’s

€ 650,- each


Mid-century wall-unit in teak The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 1250,-

Night Stands Vintage

Set of two Teak Vintage chest of drawers / night stands

€ 295,- each

Teak Chest Of Drawers

Teak chest of drawers

€ 225,-

Ladenkast Vintage

Vintage teak night stand / chest of drawers

€ 295,-

Alfred Hendrickx Kast

Midcentury Belform style high board

€ 750,-

Martin Visser Asmeta Kast

Rare Bookcase or Shelving Unit by Friso Kramer and Martin Visser for Asmeta de Bijenkorf 1953

€ 425,-

Pastoe Kast

Pastoe style high board

€ 1650,-

Cee Braakman Pastoe Night Stands Japanese Serie Teak

Auping Cleopatra bed and Japanese Series “LU11” Headboard with “NU11” Nightstand by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, Dutch Design 1950s

€ 950,- (without the beds)

G Plan Night Stands1

G-plan night stands “librenza” series England 1962

€ 195,- each

Wandmeubel Wenge

Mid-century wenge wall unit

€ 750,-

Pilastro Rekje 4

Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro metal shelving

€ 145,-

Grenen Rekje

Vintage pinewood book shelves in the style of Nisse Strinning

€ 175,-

Pilastro Shelves1

Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro metal shelves

€ 150,- set

Pilastro Rekje B G R

Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro metal shelving

€ 175,-

Pilastro Rood

Wall System by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro, Dutch Design 1955

€ 1500,-

Pilastro B G

Wall System or Unit by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro, Dutch Design 1955

€ 1500,-

Webe Png

Louis van Teeffelen for Wébé Wall System with Desk, Dutch Design 1960

€ 950,-

String Tranparant

Rare Shelving System by Nils “Nisse” Strinning for String, Sweden 1949

€ 320,-

String 2x

Minimalistic Shelving System by Nils “Nisse” Strinning for String, Sweden 1949 pine wood

€ 450,- each

Tomado Rek Hoek

Teak Tomado Holland book shelves, with corner shelve. 1950

€ 625,-

String Pinewood

Nisse String style wall unit in pinewood and black metal 1960

€ 950,-

Pastoe Style Wall Unit

“Cees Braakman and Pastoe” Style Wall Unit or Shelving System, 1970s

€ 2450,-

Cadovius Groot

Large Wall System by Poul Cadovius for Royal Systems, Denmark 1950s

€ 1650,-

Cadovius Klein

Wall System by Poul Cadovius for Royal Systems, Denmark 1950s

€ 1350,-


Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro wall-unit with desk

€ 895,-

Ladenkastje Teak Metaal

Teak chest of drawers with metal feet and handles

€ 245,-

William Watting

William Watting for Scanflex wall-unit

€ 650,-


Vintage Teak Chest of Drawers, Dutch 1950s

€ 295,-

Wandmeubel Berkenserie

Cees Braakman for Pastoe style “Birch Series” Wall System, Dutch 1950s

€ 1250,-


Rosewood Poul Cadovius wall-unit for Royal System, Denmark 1950s

€ 575,-

Tjerk Reijenga Pilastro Bookcase

Room Divider or Bookcase by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro, Dutch Design 1960

SALE now €450,-

Img 4693 1

Vintage chest of drawers

€ 325,-

G Plan Dressoir

Vintage teak G-plan sideboard or credenza by Victor Wilkins

€ 1450,-

Ladenkast Vintage

Danish chest of drawers / commode

€ 350,-

G Plan Ladenkast

G-plan style chest of drawers / commode

SALE now € 325,-

Teak Dressoir

Teak credenza

SALE now €1100,-


Wooden bookcase Lutjens de boer style

€ 475,-


Vintage credenza

On hold

Vintage rattan cabinet

SALE now € 150,-

Tomado Style

Tomado style wall-unit

€ 225,-

Ladenkast Wit

Chest of drawers rosewood

SALE now € 75,-

Old school maps cabinet

€ 250,-

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