20181126 145043

Anna Castelli Ferrieri for Kartell “Componibili” side table / storage container, Italy 1970’s

€ 95,-

20181120 123714 2

Small teak cabinet, the Netherlands, 1950’s

€ 275,-

20181019 150006 2

Metal Bookcase by Friso Kramer and Martin Visser for Asmeta de Bijenkorf 1953

On hold

20180910 134909

Poul Cadovius for Royal System wenge wall unit / shelves, Denmark, 1960’s

€ 750,-

20181009 143342

Large “Type 214” Teak Sideboard by Heinrich Riestenpatt / RT Möbel, Germany 1960s

€ 1650,-

Nisse String Strinning Shelves Cabinet

Nisse Strinning for String wall shelves, pinewood and birch, Sweden 1960’s

€ 1650,-

Nisse String Shelves Strinning

Nisse Strinning for String shelving system, Sweden 1960’s

On hold

Shelves Germany Teak Plastic

Schuberth Werk Braunschweig shelves, Germany 1960’s

€ 95,-

Chest Of Drawers Vintage

Mid-century teak chest of drawers, the Netherlands 1960’s

€ 325,-

Teak Sideboard Credenza Dressoir Germany Fritz Schroder Png

Mid-century teak credenza, Fritz Schroder, Germany 1963

€ 1150,-

William Watting Scanflex Fristho

Scanflex wall unit by William Watting for Fristho, The Netherlands 1952

€ 1350,- for the set

Buffetkast Vintage

Mid-century cupboard teak, Goteborg, Denmark 1960’s

€ 325,-

Topform Wandmeubel

Rosewood wall- unit, Topform, The Netherlands 1960’s

€ 1350,-

Pierre Guariche Meurop Wall Unit Wandmeubel Kast

Pierre Guariche for Meurop wall-unit, Belgium, 1960’s

on request

Danish Vintage Credenza Sideboard Lowboard Teak

Large Mid-century teak credenza / lowboard, Denmark 1960’s

€ 1450,-

Cadovius Shelves Berken

Rare Poul Cadovius for Royal System birch wall-unit / shelves, Denmark 1960’s

€ 950,-

Cadovius Wall System Royal Systems

Poul Cadovius for Royal System teak wall unit

€ 1350,-

Poul Cadovius

Attrb. Poul Cadovius for Royal System wall unit, Denmark 1960’s

On hold

Drentea Oranje Rekje

Drentea metal shelving / bookshelves, The Netherlands 1950’s

€ 95,-

Pastoe Cees Braakman Japanese Serie Bed Night Stands NB11 EB11 Berken

Cees Braakman for Pastoe Japanese series night stands in birch with auping bed

€ 1250,- set

Lutjens Style Boekenrek

Wooden wall unit / bookcase Wilhelm Lutjens voor De Boer Gouda style


A.R. Cordemeyer For Gispen Kast 5600

A.R. Cordemeyer for Gispen cabinet model 5600, The Netherlands, 1950’s

€ 450,-

Resized Gispen Kast

A.R. Cordemeyer for Gispen metal cabinet model 5600 in brown and beige


Resized Gispen Kasten

A. R. Cordemeyer for Gispen metal cabinets model 5600

On hold

DU01 Pastoe Cees Braakman Dressoir

Cees Braakman DU04 Japanese Series for Pastoe Credenza or Sideboard, The Netherlands 1950’s

€ 3750,-

Tomado Rekje

Vintage Tomado style wooden book shelves

€ 225,-

Vintage Book Case Teak Metal Png

Mid-century teak and metal book case

SALE now €650,-

String Ladenkast Png

Nisse String for Strinning pine wood chest of drawers, Sweden 1960’s

€ 375,-

Rosewood Chest Of Drawers Png

Rosewood chest of drawers, 1970’s

€ 325,-

Desk Cabinets

Rosewood and Chrome desk cabinets 1970’s

€ 650,- each

Night Stands Vintage

Set of two Teak Vintage chest of drawers / night stands

€ 295,- each

Teak Chest Of Drawers

Teak chest of drawers

€ 225,-

Ladenkast Vintage

Vintage teak night stand / chest of drawers

€ 295,-

Alfred Hendrickx Kast

Midcentury Belform style high board

€ 750,-

Martin Visser Asmeta Kast

Rare Bookcase or Shelving Unit by Friso Kramer and Martin Visser for Asmeta de Bijenkorf 1953

€ 425,-

Pastoe Kast

Pastoe style high board

€ 1650,-

G Plan Night Stands1

G-plan night stands “librenza” series England 1962

€ 195,- each

Wandmeubel Wenge

Mid-century wenge wall unit

€ 750,-

Pilastro Rekje 4

Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro metal shelving

€ 145,-

Grenen Rekje

Vintage pinewood book shelves in the style of Nisse Strinning

€ 175,-

Pilastro Shelves1

Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro metal shelves

€ 150,- set

Pilastro Rekje B G R

Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro metal shelving

€ 175,-

Pilastro Rood

Wall System by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro, Dutch Design 1955

€ 1500,-

Pilastro B G

Wall System or Unit by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro, Dutch Design 1955

€ 1500,-

Webe Png

Louis van Teeffelen for Wébé Wall System with Desk, Dutch Design 1960

€ 950,-

String Tranparant

Rare Shelving System by Nils “Nisse” Strinning for String, Sweden 1949

€ 320,-

String 2x

Minimalistic Shelving System by Nils “Nisse” Strinning for String, Sweden 1949 pine wood

€ 450,- each

Tomado Rek Hoek

Teak Tomado Holland book shelves, with corner shelve. 1950

€ 625,-

String Pinewood

Nisse String style wall unit in pinewood and black metal 1960

€ 950,-

Pastoe Style Wall Unit

“Cees Braakman and Pastoe” Style Wall Unit or Shelving System, 1970s

€ 2450,-

Cadovius Klein

Wall System by Poul Cadovius for Royal Systems, Denmark 1950s

€ 1350,-


Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro wall-unit with desk

€ 895,-

Ladenkastje Teak Metaal

Teak chest of drawers with metal feet and handles

€ 245,-

William Watting

William Watting for Scanflex wall-unit

€ 650,-


Vintage Teak Chest of Drawers, Dutch 1950s

€ 295,-

Wandmeubel Berkenserie

Cees Braakman for Pastoe style “Birch Series” Wall System, Dutch 1950s

€ 1250,-


Rosewood Poul Cadovius wall-unit for Royal System, Denmark 1950s

€ 575,-

Tjerk Reijenga Pilastro Bookcase

Room Divider or Bookcase by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro, Dutch Design 1960

SALE now €450,-

Img 4693 1

Vintage chest of drawers

€ 325,-

G Plan Dressoir

Vintage teak G-plan sideboard or credenza by Victor Wilkins

€ 1450,-

G Plan Ladenkast

G-plan style chest of drawers / commode

SALE now € 325,-

Teak Dressoir

Teak credenza

SALE now €1100,-


Wooden bookcase Lutjens de boer style

€ 475,-


Vintage credenza

On hold

Vintage rattan cabinet

SALE now € 150,-

Tomado Style

Tomado style wall-unit

€ 225,-

Ladenkast Wit

Chest of drawers rosewood

On hold

Old school maps cabinet

€ 250,-

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