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Børge Mogensen for FDB Møbler Original Yellow J39 “Shaker” Dining Chairs and Table, Denmark 1960’s

Set of four Borge Mogensen, model J39 chairs with rattan seating and original yellow paint. In the 60’s it was possible to order furniture at FDB with a custom paintjob. This is often seen with the furniture of Borge Mogensen. These chairs were originally delivered with a yellow paint job. A colour not seen very often with the J39 dining chair. Marked by maker underneath the chair. Rattan is in very good condition, yellow paint has some traces of use.

Width: 48,5 cm

Depth: 40 cm

Height: 75 cm, seating: 44 cm


And a matching dining table with white Formica top and also original yellow painted wooden legs. We are not sure if this table is designed by Borge Mogensen as well. Unfortunately it is not marked. We think it is a Jørgen Bækmark design. It looks a lot like his C44 dining table, also produced by FDB. Only the top is different. Nevertheless a beautiful matching set in a rare original yellow colour.

Width: 79 cm

Length: 125 cm

Height: 73 cm, from floor to bottom: 63 cm


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