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Tm04 Pastoe Cees Braakman
Tm04 Pastoe Cees Braakman Magazine Stand
Tm04 Magazine Stand Pastoe
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Cees Braakman “TM04” Side Table for Pastoe, Dutch Design 1953

A pair of elegant side tables with a metal frame and a wooden top. It has a nice perforated magazine holder underneath the top.

As many items from Pastoe, these items could be ordered with a custom paint job done by factory. Those paint jobs are mostly seen on the famous “Japanese Series” or “Birch series” items. You don’t often find a side table like this with a custom paint job. The tables both have their own color: one white and one beige. The frames both have the same brown coating.

Tables are from 1953 and in good condition with some normal traces of wear to the paint.

Dimensions: 40d x 60w x 55h cm

Available. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order this item.