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Cipolla Pendant Lamp by Massimo Vignelli for Venini Murano, 1950s

Amazing yellow handblown pendant light by Italian designer Massimo Vignelli for Venini Murano.

In the mid-century, the most beautiful glass probably came from Italy, Murano. It was in Murano where they developed glass making like an art. Many different techniques were developed to colour the glass and to make the most beautiful shapes. Massimo Vignelli is among the most important of the glass designers from Murano.

This pendant light is named Cipolla, which is Union in Italian. When looking at the beautiful rounded shape of the lamp, it is pretty clear why it is called this way. Vignelli used a technique called “Sommerso”, meaning submerged, to create the layers of colour in the glass. With the Sommerso technique you can create different layers of colour inside the glass. This gives a beautiful appearance. It gives an even more beautiful appearance when the light is switched on. You’ll see a beautiful glow of the bulb through the glass and the yellow colour gives a nice and warm feeling.

This is truly a unique piece of glass making from a very talented designer.

Glass is in perfect condition with no chips or damages. Lamp socket are wiring is original with normal traces of use.

Lamp is suitable for 220v. Because of the lower voltage in the USA it can be safely used without replacing the lamp socket. If desired, we can replace the lamp socket and wiring.

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