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Dark Brown Neck Leather Modular “DS46” Sofa by De Sede, Switzerland 1970s

Suburb model DS 46 sofa of the highest quality by De Sede. This sofa is made of the thickest bull leather you can get. You really have to feel it to understand the quality standard.

De Sede is a sofa manufacturer from Switzerland known for its high quality furniture. They only use the best leather they can find.

The sofa is modular so you can place it anyway you like. It has four elements: one with an armrest at the left, one with an armrest at the right and two without armrests. You could make a 5-seater sofa, but also a 4-seater and lounge chair or 3-seater and two lounge chairs for example.

Sofa is in very good condition with no structural damages and has a nice patina.

Total length: cm
Depth: 90 cm; seating 58 cm
Height: 72 cm; seating 37 cm

Available. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order this item.