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Early Sinus Cognac Leather Lounge Chair by Adolf & Schröpfer for COR, Germany

Vintage and early example of the “Sinus” lounge chair by Reinhold Adolf and Hans-Jürgen Schräpfer, designed in 1976 for Cor Germany and still in its original cognac coloured leather!

What we have here is one of the finest European lounge chairs ever designed. The chair is made of stainless steel with cognac leather cushions and armrests. This early, first edition example of the 1970s is in good condition with a nice patina to the leather and is very comfortable.

We all know the classic and famous designs by Danish legends like Poul Kjaerholm, Arne Jacobsen and Arne Vodder. Or the thick bull hide sofa’s and lounge chairs by De Sede. They all did some magnificent designing and were in some way the fathers of modern design. Their designs were clever and timeless, and still being sought after by collectors all over the world. But sometimes we forget about those other designers. Those designers who made something that is so unique, it would be equally beautiful as the classic items everybody knows. We think this lounge chair, the “Sinus” chair by Reinhold Adolf and Hans-Jürgen Schräpfer for COR Germany, is one of those items.

Not only do we think it is comparable to other top designs, but we actually find it one of the most beautiful and clever designed chairs from the European mid-century. When looking at the chair it is clear why they named it “Sinus”. A sinus (sine in English) is a mathematical function to define an angle. This angle forms a line or curve in a graph. A same curve can be seen when you view the chair and ottoman from the side. This chair is not complete without its ottoman, because without, it fails to draw that line or sine. When you place the ottoman exactly in front of the chair, it looks like one object. The metal feet and leather cushions look connected and because of its length, it transforms from a lounge or arm chair to a chaise longue. All without having the impression it consists of two parts.

Width: 76 cm

Height: 90 cm; seating: 45 cm

Total depth: 140 cm, chair: 85 cm; ottoman: 55 cm

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