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Gerard van den Berg “The Rock” Black Leather 3 Seat Sofa, Brutalist Dutch Design

Black leather 3 seater sofa by Dutch designer Gerard van den Berg for Montis, the Netherlands 1970s.

This is one of the most iconic sofas of the Dutch late mid-century. Gerard van den Berg designed his “Florence” (nicknamed “The Rock”), seating group in the 1970’s for Montis, the Netherlands. The 3 seater sofa is a very rare model and not seen often, especially not in a good, original condition.

It is an impressive design with its very high back. They probably nicknamed it the rock because its big and massive appearance almost feels like a rock formation. This feeling is only strengthened by the sturdy and impressive thick black leather. The size makes it a very nice sofa to use as a room divider or to create a private area. Combine this with a fireplace or a nice brutalist stone slate coffee table and you have a very cosy, romantic or private seating spot. We also think it would be a great item for your own cinema room, man cave or maybe on your porch against a wall.

We got the sofa from the first owners, who bought it new at an exhibition in Milan, Italy. They fell immediately in love with the it. And so do we, yet 40 years later.

The sofa is 40 years old, but is still in a very good condition with its original black, undamaged leather. It has some traces of use, like scratches, but all consistent with age and use.

Gerard van den Berg is a Dutch furniture designer famous for his unique leather sofas and lounge chairs in the late Dutch mid-century. Many of his designs are distinctive from other items of the time. Like the “Florence” or “Rock” sofa, lounge chair and ottoman. Another classic item is his thick neck leather “Ringo” sofa, but also newer chairs like the “Chaplin” dining chair, “Swoon” sofa and “Longa” lounge chair are instant classics. In some way he and Montis can be seen as the Dutch “De Sede” in the 70s and 80s. Many sofas and chairs have the same brutalist appearance, quality and the use of high end leather.

Length: 200 cm

Depth: 80 cm; seating 55 cm

Height: 104 cm; seating 36 cm

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