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Omann Jun (Gunni Omann) Teak Highboard or Cupboard, Danish Design 1960’s

Beautiful teak high credenza by Danish top Design company Omann Jun. Produced and designed in Denmark, 1960’s.

This teak highboard or cupboard is a good example of mid-century Danish high quality design. And it are specifically the tiny details Gunni Omann used with this highboard that extinguishes him from other designers of his time. The highboard has nice organic shapes with beautiful craftsmanship in high quality teak. The lines at the side are not straight, but tapered. The door handles are made of one pieces flawlessly attached to the sliding doors. The teak has a beautiful grain and is consistent with every door. We can only say this is Danish design at its finest.

The highboard consists of three sliding doors, hiding three compartments. Two with shelves and one with shelves and drawers.

The highboard is in good condition. We had to repair one door handle. This repair is visible, please see picture.

Omann Jun is a Danish furniture designer and manufacturer from Denmark. The company was started in Andreas Omann in 1933. It is a family company with a long tradition of building beautiful furniture. Funny thing is many of their design items are often wrongly attributes to Gunni Omann. Somehow Gunni Omann is awarded with the reputation of being one of Denmarks finest designers of the mid-century. Actually, Gunni Omann was in charge of the sales division of Omann Jun.

Oman Jun is mostly known for its beautiful crafted sideboards and highboard. Those high quality items with their beautiful teak or rosewood craftmanship are popular items nowadays. The items of Omann Jun are in line with the works of other Danish top designers like Finn Juhl, Kai Kristiansen, Nanna Ditzel, Poul Cadovius, Borge Mogensen, Hans Wegner and Arne Vodder. And it will make a beautiful match with any lounge chair, dining table, coffee table, sideboard, sofa or desk of those designers.


Width: 200 cm

Height: 119 cm

Depth: 46.5 cm

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