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Wood and Leather Lounge Chair by Leolux, Dutch Modern Design 1970s

Lounge chair made in Leather on a wooden base by Dutch high end furniture manufactorer Leolux from the 1970s.

We think this lounge chair has a very distinctive design for its period. The seating and back are made of one piece, upholseterd with comforatble leather cushions. This piece is resting on a wooden base. Because it is only attached at the bottom, it looks like the chair is floating in its base. This creates a very playful design.

This item is made by Leolux the Netherlands. Leolux is a high end furniture manufactorer famous for their classic sofa’s, lounge chairs, carpets and dining and coffee table designs. They work with many top designers like Gerard Vollenbrock, Jan Armgardt, Stefan Heiliger, Axel Enthoven and Hugo de Ruiter (who also designed the DS-165 modular sofa for De Sede). High quility Dutch design!

Lounge chair is in good vintage condition with some traces of use to the leather. There is one little repair to the lower side and a little scratch in the back.

Height: 94 cm, seating 35 cm
Width: 75 cm
Depth; 90 cm, seating 53 cm

Available. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order this item.