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Martin Visser or Charlotte Perriand Style Slat Bench or Daybed, Dutch, 1950s

Minimalistic wooden slat bench or daybed from the midcentury in the style of Charlotte Perriand, Martin Visser and George Nelson. The bed or bench is made of wood with a varnish. On top lays a re-upholstered cushion for more comfort when laying down. Can be used in or outdoors. 

Martin Visser was one of the leading Dutch designers of the midcentury together with Cees Braakman, Gijs van der Sluis, Coen de Vries, Rob Parry and Friso Kramer. 

Width: 184 cm

Depth: 74.5 cm

Height: 32 cm

Available. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order this item.