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Minimalist Sofa by Rob Parry for Gelderland, Dutch Modern Design 1960s

Incredible minimalist sofa by Dutch designer Rob Parry. This is an early edition of his sofa, often called “Lotus”, with the grey frame. We completely restored the fabric and filling, gave the wooden arm rest new varnish, but left the frame in its original condition so it doesn’t lose its vintage character.

With minimal use of materials, Parry managed to make an elegant and spacious sofa. The combination of these properties and the use of metal is a perfect example of Dutch mid century modern design. Together with Friso Kramer, Martin Visser and Wim Rietveld, Rob Parry is among the best and famous designers of the Dutch mid century.

In good condition with new upholstery and filling. Frame has some traces of rust. This sofa is a vintage model from the 60’s.

Width: 165cm ; seating: 155 cm

Depth:80 cm : seating: 50 cm

Height: 75cm ; seating : 40 cm

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