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MM07 Japanese Series Sofa by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, Dutch Modern Design 1958

Beautiful Dutch minimal design sofa by Cees Braakman for pastoe.

Cees Braakman was a Dutch furniture designer who worked for UMS Pastoe in the midcentury. He designed many beautiful pieces with the “U+N series”, better known as the “Japanese Series”, as his most famous. In the 1940s, Braakman was sent to the United States to observe design and production processes of furniture. Inspired by the works of Charles and Ray Eames, he started working with new materials like ply-wood and steel, which were used in many of his designs.

This sofa is part of the U+N (Japanese) series. It has the same black metal frame as for example the popular DU03 sideboard or the TU11 dining table and chairs. Because that, it would be a perfect match with the sideboard, coffee table or lounge chair of the same series.

We think this sofa is one of Braakmans most beautiful designs. When you look closely to the arms rests you see they follow the lines of the seating perfectly. It were those tiny details that distinguished Braakman from other designers of his time.

We have completely re-upholstered this sofa with new black fabric and new filling. Frame is in original condition with some traces of use.

A Dutch design classic!

Width: 190 cm / 74.8 in seating: 165 cm / 65 in
Depth: 80 cm / 31.5 in seating: 50 cm / 19.7 in
Height: 70 cm / 27.5 in seating: 40 cm / 15.8 in.

Available. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order this item.