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Orange Slice Paulin Artifort
Pierre Paulin for Artifort lounge chair “Orange Slice” The Netherlands, 1960

This lounge chair, called orange slice and designed by the famous Pierre Paulin, is a true classic piece of design furniture. We think it is quite clear why it is called orange slice. The chair consists of two identical shells or slices combined. This combination makes a very comfortable lounge chair. Paulin truly wanted to make a happy chair, because when you look at the chair it seems if it’s smiling.

Pierre Paulin designed this chair in 1961 after learning how to work with bentwood. it is still one of the most famous designs of him and Artifort up till today.

Paulin started working at Artifort after his talents were noticed by Dutch designer and supervisor at Artifort Kho Liang Ie. At Artifort he worked alongside great designers as Geoffrey Harcourt. He designed many great pieces like the ABCD sofa, the tulip dining chairs and round pedestal coffee table.

Chair is in good condition. We re-upholstered it in beautiful orange/red fabric. Chair is original and marked by maker underneath.

Depth: 80 cm

Height: 70 cm; seating 41 cm

Width: 84 cm



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