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Seks-tr Geometric Pendant Light or Chandelier by Ole Panton for Lyfa, Danish 60s

Geometric pendant light named “Seks-tre” by Ole Panton, the younger brother of Verner Panton, for Lyfa Denmark 1960s.

This interesting Danish Design purple coloured lamp has many corners and keeps fascinating from ervery angle. It is not called Seks-tre without reason. Seks-tre means six-three and is referring to the number of angles and sides of the lamp.

This vintage lamp from the 1960s is in good, working condition. It has some traces of rust inside the lamp shade.

Lamp is suitable for 220v. Because of the lower voltage in the USA it can be used without replacing the lamp socket. If desired, we can replace the lamp socket and wiring to USA standards. Please ask us for possibilities.

Width: 22,5 cm
Height: 25 cm

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