Resized Rob Parry Fauteuil
Resized Rob Parry Fauteuil Lotus Gelderland
Rob Parry Lotus Lounge Chair Fauteuil
Rob Parry Lotus Lounge Chair Fauteuil (2)
Resized MG 9535 2
Resized Rob Parry Lotus Gelderland
Resized MG 9531 2
Resized MG 9530 2
Resized MG 9533 2
Resized MG 9536 2
Resized MG 9532 2
Resized MG 9534 2
Rob Parry “Lotus”lounge chair for Gelderland, Netherlands 1960’s

With new cushion and new black upholstery.
Not the original springs.

Width: 69 cm; seating 52 cm
Depth: 75 cm; seating 46 cm
Height: 88 cm; seating 41 cm

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