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Set of 10 Galavanitas S16 Industrial Plywood School Chairs, Dutch Design, 1960s

The iconic school or office chair of the Dutch midcentury. Many of us Dutch grew up with these chairs. Writing our homework and listening to what the teacher had to say. They are sturdy and have a beautiful design. They are actually so sturdy, they suvived over half a decade of scholars. Together with the result and revolt chair by Friso Kramer, this model S16 is the most famous school chair of the Dutch mid-century. Like the Kramer chairs, the Galvanitas S16 are still being produced today. Our chairs our vintage examples of the midcentury. They have a black metal frame and plywood seating and are in good condition. One chair has a repair to the metal frame, please see picture.

Width 40 cm

Depth 43 cm

Height 81 cm, seating 46 cm.

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