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Set of 2 lounge chairs “Karen” by Aksel Bender Madsen for Bovenkamp, Dutch Design 1960s

Stunning lounge chair, model “Karen” by Aksel Bender Madsen for Bovenkamp, made in the Netherlands in the 1960s.

The chairs are made of wood and have new upholstery. They are in good condition. This is the high back model named “Karen”. The lower back edition was named “Edith”.

This lounge chair was designed by Designer Aksel Bender Madsen, who was a Danish furniture designer in the mid-century. Together with his friend and business partner Ejner Larsen, he made over 300 furniture items. Many of those are now classic pieces. He also worked with Kaare Klint and Arne Jacobsen for some time. The most famous item by his hand is the Metropolitan Chair, which was a lounge chair designed for the Arts of Denmark exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Other items are teak coffee tables, dining chairs, sofa’s and sideboards. He also worked for Bovenkamp, a Dutch furniture manufacturer. For Bovenkamp he designed the beautiful “Edith” and “Karen” lounge chairs. Those chairs are among the most beautiful chairs of the Danish Modern era.

Width: 65 cm; seating 46 cm

Depth: 70 cm; seating 43 cm

Height: 100 cm; seating 42 cm

Available. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order this item.