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Set of 20 Charlotte Perriand inspired Pinewood Dining Chairs by Daumiller, Denmark 1960’s

Large set of pinewood dining chairs by Rainer Daumiller for Hirtshals Savvaerk (Hirtshals Sawmill). Made in Denmark in the 1960s. We found these chairs in a Danish school where they were used since the sixties. Daumiller was clearly inspired by Charlotte Perriand when designing his dining chairs and tables. Like some pieces from the Les Arcs series by Perriand, he created his items with solid pine. This makes the chair a heavy and sturdy piece of furniture with a fantastic natural appearance. The chairs looks like it was a gift by mother nature herself. We have a large set of 20 pieces available. Because of the quantity and its sturdy structure it would be a perfect set to use in a café or restaurant. The chairs are in good vintage condition. The obtained some traces of use to the wood over the years, mainly scratched. One chair is missing a chunk of wood and one chair is missing a knot, but this has no structural consequences. You will get this chair for free.

Width: 50 cm

Depth: 45 cm

Height: 88 cm; seating: 45 cm

Currently on hold!