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Set of 4 Oak Dining Room Chairs Attributed to Bovenkamp, The Netherlands, 1960s

A nice set of oak dining chairs with new green upholstery. We think it is a design by the Dutch midcentury furniture manufacturer Bovenkamp, since the oak frame and the shape of the seating and back remind us of other designs. Besides those details, we received the chairs from the first owner who bought the chairs together in the 1950s with other Bovenkamp furniture, such as a pair of Aksel Bender Madsen lounge chairs. The chairs are in good condition. They have a solid oak frame and new green upholstery. Bovenkamp was a Dutch furniture manufacturer famous for their beautiful midcentury design items with many Danish influences. None other than Aksel Bender Madsen worked for Bovenkamp and was responsible for the “Judith” and “Edith” lounge chairs and sofa.

Width: 50 cm

Depth: 46 cm

Height: 76 cm; seating 45 cm

Available. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order this item.