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Set of 6 Tapiovaara attributed spindle back chairs, Sweden, 1960’s

Beautiful dining chairs attributed to Ilmari Tapiovaara for Edsby-verken, Sweden 1960s.

Of all the wooden spindle chairs of the mid-century, the “Fanett” chairs from Ilmari Tapiovaara are probably the most famous. His clean design with a nice combination of natural wood and black lacquer are still beautiful chairs in any modern home. These chairs are made in the same period the Tapiovaaras. And although the chairs are almost always sold as Tapiovaara and they have the authentic wooden “horseshoe” construction underneath the seating, we are not completely sure they are Tapiovaaras. It could also be another Scandinavian chair or even the Dutch manufacturer Pastoe (known for Cees Braakman). Nevertheless they are beautiful vintage spindle chairs.

Chairs are in good condition consistent with age and use.

Ilmari Tapiovaara was born in Hämeenlinna, Finland in 1914. There he studied interior industrial design at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. When he was still studying at the academy, he started working for Alvar Aalto. After his graduation, he worked with famous architect Le Corbusier.

Many of his items are solely made of wood. This makes his work warm and pleasant. Most famous is his “Pirkka” series, which consisted of a dining table, dining chair, bench, stool, lounge chair and coffee table. He also designed the beautiful “Maija” table and pendant lamp.

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