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Small cupboard in the style of Webe, The Netherlands 1960’s

Small cupboard in the style of Wébé and Louis van Teeffelen, the Netherlands.

This mid-century cupboard has many resemblances with the designs of Louis van Teeffelen and Wébé. We are not sure what its origin is. It is marked with a stamp and sticker “UDR” but we are unable to find any reliable resources for this item. What we do know that it is made in the 1950’s. It has that typical 50s European style furniture design with those tiny legs, teak veneer, wooden door handles and the iron locks and hinges. We think it is Dutch, but it could also be Danish or German design.

For a cupboard it is not very big. This makes it a perfect item for a smaller room or interior.

This item is in good, vintage condition. It has some traces of use to the teak veneer consistent with age and use.

Width: 107 cm
Depth: 33.5 cm
Height: 111 cm

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