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Komofrt Bank
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Komfort 3 Seater
Komfort Three Seater
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Teak Sofa attributed to Arne Wahl Iversen for Komfort, Denmark 1960s

Beautiful Danish teak sofa. The sofa is very similar to the Komfort sofa and chair from Arne Wahl Iversen, so we think it is his design. The sofa is has a very beautiful rounded back and shows it is made by a skilled furniture maker.

We also have two matching lounge chairs that came with the sofa!

Sofa is in good condition with new upholstery.

Width: 195cm; Seating: 170cm
Height: 70cm; Seating: 40cm
Depth: 80cm; Seating: 55cm

Already sold.. Please contact us if you would like to be informed about our stock.