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William Watting for Fristho wall unit / book shelves, The Netherlands 1960’s

Elegant bookcase or wall system designed by American designer William Watting.

Watting worked for several companies such as the Dutch Fristho and the Danish Michael Laursen, which also worked with Hans Wegner an Illum Wikkelsø. This shelving system was produced by the Dutch company Fristho in the 1950s It features a ingenious system for attaching the shelves to the risers. You can slide the shelves in a rail. Because of this rail, the shelves can be placed at any height. It has 5 shelves which can be used as a bookcase or to place other items on.

Whole system is made of solid teak with beautiful brass details and in good condition. System must be attached to wall with only two screws at the top.

Will make a beautiful match with other Dutch or Danish teak design object. For example the sideboard by Watting for Fistho or the dining table, coffee table, lounge and dining chair by Louis van Teeffelen for Wébé.

Width: 96 cm

Height: 200 cm

Depth: 25,5 cm


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