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Gispen 216
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Model 216 / 1247 Dining Chair by Wim Rietveld for Gispen, Dutch Design 1953

Dutch chair in wooden with a metal frame and bakelite arm rests.

Wim Rietveld designed this chair in 1953 for Gispen. The backrest of the chair is fitted to the frame with rubber cushions. Rietveld tought it was more beautiful when the chair was visibly free of bolts and screws in front side of the back rest. Also the chair would be more comfortable with a flexible back rest thanks to the rubber chusions.

The chair was a huge succes after its launch and became an instant Dutch classic. The chair was also produced without arm rests as model 116. Those models are also in our collection with and without fabric.

Chair is in good condition

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